Books, summarized as 10 second GIF's

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Maker of Snaploop here. Love to here your thoughts and book suggestions for the upcoming Snaploops. The focus now is books on entrepreneurship and among the upcoming snaploops are: - The Startup Owners Manual - Zero to One - The Hardware Startup - Hooked - The Tipping Point - The Long Tail - Business Model Generation - The E-Myth Revisited
@jibly love the idea, just wrote you with an integration idea.
There are so many awesome books for entrepreneurs out there, yet I have so little time to read them all. This awesome service summarizes must-read books in 10sec GIF’s. Compiling the key points in short digestible loops. It’s perfect to quickly find out which books you want to read, or to freshen up on the core principles of the books that you’ve already completed reading
This should be included in all posts for PH /books :D
@oelmekki couldn't agree more :P