Product Hunt for Snapchat. Discover new people to follow.

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Very cool concept, I know this is an MVP so more will be built out later but there needs to be something on the market to make it easier to discover cool people to follow on Snapchat. Also, questions on Snapchat can get pretty overwhelming so the question feature to prioritize is helpful as well. Look forward to seeing how this product evolves.
Hey @everette , thanks for the comment. While it's a bit rough, this MVP ( we built in about 30 hours this weekend) has shown us that users want these features bad enough to struggle through any the bugs or UI/UX issues. We are looking for feedback and will add more features very soon.
@everette Curious, do you think people would pay for a service for custom Snapchat filters?
@sethlouey possibly, however lots of businesses are still trying to figure out Snapchat so it will be hard to sell them the idea of custom filters. But then again the idea has potential as a marketing tool so maybe not so much. It depends really.
@sethlouey Yo Seth, absolutely - I've already seen people offering the service on sites like Fiverr and other freelance sites.
I like the concept, but you have to go to to see the list (can't navigate there from homepage).
@andrewmettinger you click "I already did this" and takes you there... duhhhhh
@bentossell Now called "Explore first" and it works.
Thanks @andrewmettinger @bentossell glad you like the concept. We love getting feedback on anyway we can improve upon our MVP.
Why though, when is available?
@melvinmt the team started at startup weekend and were given a free .co domain since .Co is a sponsor of SW
Interesting app especially since Snapchat will grow even more these days.