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Why does it say "Join waiting list" to claim your profile? How does this differ to snaphunt?
@bentossell Hi Ben! With Snapgeist we want to create a open Snapchat directory for everyone. Today we launched this Alpha version. We plan to give everyone access to their own single profile. So they can add their social links, bio etc soon. Thats why theres the "claim your profile" thing. The best thing is our search. Most of the people want to know if their friend or favorite basketball player is on Snapchat too, but they dont know his direct Snapchat name. But they may now his Twitter or Instagram handle. Our search connects every tiny information so in the end its really easy to figure out if the person is a) in our profile and b) on Snapchat. Snaphunt has a cool game factor. SnapGeist is more like a open and easy to search directory. Hope that helps to figure out the differences :)!
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It's been over 20 days, what's the latest regarding the project?