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@alexbagirov My exact thoughts, but hey this one is pretty.
@alexbagirov No. ShareDrop is built with ember. Snapdrop is built with Polymer. I wanted to play around with Progressive Web Apps and then I got the idea to clone Apple’s Airdrop. By doing research on this idea I found and analysed ShareDrop. Source: https://github.com/capira12/snap...
@aaran_mcguire @alexbagirov Hey, author of ShareDrop here :) I really like the overall design of Snapdrop, its usage of service workers and the idea of using websockets as WebRTC polyfill. At the very beginning ShareDrop used websockets as well, though only for presence and signaling. I decided to switch to Firebase, so that I don't have to pay for or, what's even worse, manage any servers. Thanks to that it's been working for almost 2 years (!) without any server maintenance. It sucks that there are no free TURN servers though.
This a super cool air-drop like sharing tool. Even works between your phone and computer!
Amazing! Works very well. Bookmarked on chrome and added to iOS home screen ;)
@jakemor I did the same! 👍
Site seems to be down.
Website down. Cool idea.
@san2_dey Should be good now.
@aaran_mcguire @san2_dey Site down again - Dec 29 10:35am GMT-1