A wiki-like directory of Snapchat users.

Snapdex is a directory of Snapchat users. It let's you easily discover new people on Snapchat that may be of interest to you. It does so by providing a searchable database of interesting people who use Snapchat, including their username, snapcode, some snaps, related accounts, and more, giving you a better glimpse of what's out there.

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Snapchat really need to do something clever around discovery. Until then its useful to have these kinds of sites to help find awesome accounts to follow And yes, I think @stringstory is one account to follow!
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@bentossell @stringstory I agree here. One thing that I find a pain point on Snapchat is serendipitous discovery of new people to follow. I'm not sure it needs to be constructed like the discovery functions on other social sites like Twitter or FB, but it's something I wish was there. Also, I like the wikipedia feel. Has more of a collective-consciousness dynamic to it.
@bentossell @stringstory I Really agree, as a french guy starting a world tour, it's even harder now. You need to already have a community on #snapchat, you can't really creates one. By the way my #snap is antoine-rsx
@antoinersx Glad we can help people get some exposure on Snapchat. I saw you've added your account on Snapdex. Thanks! I have a long list of pending (and incomplete) items, so it's going to take a while to get them approved, but I'm working on it!
@antoinersx @bentossell @stringstory Not exactly true! I started Snapchat about 5 months ago, you just have to put in the work on the platform itself, engage with users and other big snapchatters for collaboration. It is possible. A lot of growth will come from outside of the platform too so think multi-channel via Instagram, articles and etc.
@laurentvw what is your criteria for approving profiles? Any rhyme or reason? Btw, totally love the site! Great job!
Hi, I'm Laurent, creator of Snapdex, together with @prameya. Thanks for hunting the site, @stringstory! Snapchat is full of interesting people who produce unique content exclusively to Snapchat (Justin Kan, Mark Suster to name a few). I wanted to find more people like them, but there's nothing really good out there to help you discover new Snapchat accounts, so I made Snapdex! I'm aware there are a couple other sites out there, but I wanted to make something that's 10x better than the competition. The site is fully user-editable, just like on Wikipedia, and includes categories and location for filtering, and snaps and reviews to learn more about a certain Snapchat account. I launched the site a few months ago. Right now I'm focusing on growth. Would be great if we can make this the de-facto platform to discover new interesting Snapchat users. So feel free to add more Snapchatters to the index! And if you have any questions, or feedback on whatsoever (how to improve the site, foster growth), let me know! I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
@laurentvw @prameya @stringstory Two ideas that I had off the top of my head: 1) It would be nice to see more categories that accounts fit into. For example, I looked for a "tech" category right away. 2) This is more of a question than a suggestion, for the category selection on the explore page, why did you decide to go with a drop down menu versus a facet selection?
@derickhilde 1) You're right, there's no tech category yet, but we do have Entrepreneurship, Startups, Marketing and some others. I personally don't like the idea of tags, because it lacks context, and it's definitely something that we need to fix. A better way of doing this is to e.g. have an "occupation" element with values such as "Actor", "Tech Entrepreneur", "Web Developer", "Journalist", etc. Then have other elements in the same manner, e.g. "interested in", "industry sector", etc. It's in the pipelines, but it's going to take a little while to develop. 2) The dropdown was slightly easier and faster to code. That's really it. I still consider the site to be an MVP. There's a lot that we can improve on, but it takes time. That being said, I've added the necessary todos in our task list! Thanks for the feedback Derick! :)
@adriangrant We currently have an API, but it's for internal use only. What would you like to use it for? It didn't occur to me yet that there would be a need for this.
@laurentvw @prameya atm the url are based on the person's full name (ie. being that it's snapchat and you're encouraging people to review/add details. how about changing the url to the username. (ie It'd be easier to search and discover, and if you have regular contributors, they can add it to the snaphandle
I found Snapdex while I was googling more information about Snapchat, when I stumbled upon Snapdex, a wiki-like directory for Snapchat users. This is different from Ghostcodes, as they include reviews from the audience, and it's editable?! which is why it's has a wikipedia feel to it.
@stringstory Hey! big fan. Thanks so much for posting this.
@prameya well done, I was thinking about how the other discovery sites should add a review to it and voila you guys came along. Hope it grows to include other content makers on IG stories too.
Love this! 😍
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