The fastest way to request street cleaning in SF πŸ’©πŸŒ‰

The fastest way to request street & sidewalk cleaning in San Francisco. See something gross? Just snap a photo and press submit. Tickets get instantly submitted to 311.

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Peter BolingPrincipal Systems Architect, BoltThreads
I am 100% opposed to this. We need to vote out the asshat politicians who are failing to address the lack of public restrooms, and the issue of homelessness. Cleaning up poop endlessly is hiding the problem, not solving it. Until we fix the actual problem we should all be forced to walk around in filth. How else will things improve. This is akin to taking pain killers as a solution to cancer - it only hides the fact that you are dying.
Raffi MuradyanB2B Marketing Manager
Elizabeth S Hunker
Always look at the economics - human action en masse. I remember people in SF telling me that NYC is sooo dirty. No. We Have limits. What we don't have, is enough market demand to JUSTIFY THIS APP. Godspeed #SanFrancisco @spandana_govindgari