A new way to earn from the internet through gamified tasks

SnapCraft lets you earn through completing gamified tasks that involve training A.I. Existing online jobs are repetitive boring and low-pay and offer no compensation for your data. With SnapCraft, your earn equity from your data, more income and more fan.
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Howdy Hunters, Gilbert here, co-founder of SnapCraft. SnapCraft wants to let you earn from the internet just like a regular paying job but with fan and more rewarding through gamified tasks that involve training AI. Why did we come up with SnapCraft? After many iterations of trying to solve problems through starting startups, we realized we weren't solving real issues, in other words , we were creating solutions in a search of a solution. Through traffic, we were constantly getting from an abandoned idea that also provided earning for participants in some way we realized we were up to something, by comparing existing means were people earn money through completing tasks online, we found out many are repetitive, boring and worst case they offer extreme low-pay that many folks end up abandoning them. With the new age of Narrow AI, machines will deeply rely on humans in order to perform well plus the value of Data will grow even more exponentially and it's happening now but we the producers of Data are not benefiting. SnapCraft will provide tools like smart contracts that encrypt data, plus ensure you earn from it over time, provide tools to quickly complete tasks and lastly Earn. Our journey has just started and if this excites please sign up and join our waitlist or if you have any questions please reach out.
i really liked the idea <3 sounds interesting ! i've joined the waitlist
@chougrani_brahim Hi Chougrani glad you liked it , thanks very much
Sounds like an awesome idea!
btw you seem to have an error on your page: once I applied I get to this page: https://snapcraft-app.firebaseap... but it results in a 404Error
@jens_smallforest Hey oops sorry about that let me have it fixed.
People will post their tasks on this platform and whosoever complete those tasks will get paid ? Is this how it will work ?
@hammad_akbar Hi Hammad, No it will be brands that partner with us that post tasks and people complete them. Lots of brands need data but they use illegal means to get data, people also don't earn from there data. Through smart contracts people can contribute to a company's data , train it and earn from it over time, your data can act as shares/equity overtime
Love the product concept! Looking forward to trialling this once it's shipped πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thanks very much Lachlan :) You're always there :D :D