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Jakob Fricke
Jakob FrickeMaker@jakobfricke · ❤ side projects, works at @samsungnext
Hi everyone! We created Snapcode Stickers because we’ve felt that you should have more ways of promoting your Snapchat account! :) With Snapcode Stickers you can stick your snapcode onto all kinds of places: * Letter and envelopes * Lampostes * Traffic lights * Cars * Your favourite laptop * On the back of your phone * On to your cat (just kidding on this one, eh) I’m Jakob Fricke, cofounder and super happy to answer your questions. I really hope you enjoy it!
Rahul Ramchand
Rahul RamchandHiring@rahulr047 · Botmonster 🔥
@jakobfricke Super smart!
Matas Petrikas
Matas Petrikas@matas · Toy maker, entrepreneur and hacker
cool idea!
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent and consultant
Just bought some to test it out. Thanks!
Gary Bacon
Gary Bacon@pixelbud · Product and UX Designer
I did this using diecut stickers with Sticker Mule. Great idea!
Jakob Fricke
Jakob FrickeMaker@jakobfricke · ❤ side projects, works at @samsungnext
@pixelbud yes, we tried to make it easier for everyone instead going through Sticker Mule.