Snapchat Story Explorer

Swipe up to see more Snaps of that same moment

This weekend I noticed Snapchat recently added a "reply" to story option (h/t @jsneedles) to send a private message to someone referencing a particular photo or video in their story. Now they released Explorer to improve the discovery of related content (and people, I'm sure). I'm very curious to see how they curate the stories they show and I'm sure the #growthhackers are eager to start using this. 😉
@rrhoover on what stories will I see explore pop up?
@timdalrymple @rrhoover From what I saw, only the LA and NY Life stories will have it at first, but I'd imagine live sporting events and festivals are a great use case for this.
@macleanjr @rrhoover the only live city I see today is Miami.