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Scott Hurff
Scott Hurff@scotthurff · Product Manager & Lead Designer, Tinder
Color + Snapchat Stories
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm very impressed with Snapchat's progression over the past year. We had an interesting discussion/debate about Snapchat Chat with @ow, @ShaanVP, @pomajp, @bencera_, @kaz when it launched ~month ago. Looking forward to playing with this... which shouldn't be a surprise for those that know me. ;)
Jon Lax
Jon Lax@jlax · Product Design Director Facebook
The experience of live event sharing isn't great. This is something Facebook has a huge opportunity to do better. Really natural fit for Snapchat to go after this space.
Adam Besvinick
Adam Besvinick@besvinick · VC at Anchorage Capital
It should have been (and still could be) a natural fit for Instagram, but they've moved too slowly and have been too concerned with using Facebook location data.
Jonathan Kupferman
Jonathan Kupferman@jkupferman · Developer of Gifs
This is a really interesting angle for expanding Stories. Right now it's just for EDC but we will almost certainly see this for other large events and then ultimately individual venues (e.g. your local coffee shop). In that way it becomes a fun way to leave transient little photo messages at a location, almost like a scavenger hunt. This is also the first time you'll be able to see snaps from people who aren't your friends which is big.