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Unanimous reaction to Snapchat launching Memories:
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Again, Snapchat is building upon existing user behavior and adding more utility to the platform. In many ways it's starting to look like most mobile messengers like Facebook Messenger or LINE, and that's a good thing, imo.
Funny, @jgcatalano SnapMemories ~5 months ago as a way to relive past Snapchat stories.
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@rrhoover @jgcatalano Ok true, and yes it will be more addictive, but the whole idea of ephemerality was the reason people jumped on the platform. Skipping that core value, can also open the door for new platforms.
@rrhoover There's a good run through of it screen-by-screen on TechInsider You can check it out here
@rrhoover After taking a second look, here are my thoughts: • It looks like you have to manually save to memories, rather than all snaps being saved by default — so I'm not as reluctant. • It's basically a photo vault within the app. Let's hope it's secure since snaps are likely more sensitive than those in your camera roll. • I'm not so sure about adding old snaps to stories; it departs from Snapchat's original mantra of living in the moment. • Like others have said, this could push Snapchat even closer to becoming your primary camera/photo app; only time will tell.
@rrhoover @jgcatalano I'm looking forward to showing my parents my 'bikini butt' accidentally. 😏
If Snapchat wasn't already your go-to camera app, it will be now.
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@jackdweck And your go-to photo album app eventually.
@jackdweck It'll be my go-to camera when iOS lets other camera apps be on the lock screen. Which I assume is why iOS doesn't let other camera apps be on the lock screen :-\
@jackdweck too bad it saves at a lower resolution than the built-in camera tho
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@staringispolite but then you can't share them with your Snapchat friendz! The inability to import photos/videos into Snapchat stories is part of its genius. cc @jackdweck
I really hope they improve the quality of videos and photos when saved this way...if you download your own story currently the image quality is reduced significantly.
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@imscott +1. Snapchat's current tech for taking photos is just capturing whatever frame is on-screen during the preview. It's effectively the same thing as screenshotting a freezeframe from a paused video iirc. Not good. Snapchat will need to improve the quality of saved photos/videos for the potential of Memories to be fully realized imo
@grahamperich @imscott This explains the poor photo quality. But even videos that you download from your story are significantly reduced in quality. You don't seem to get access to the original video file from your story, it appears to re-encode the video all over again and at a very low bitrate.
This is a bold move by Snapchat. I didn't think they would do it due to the cost of saving all of the content.
@jgcatalano In a sense, that content is their only value. In fact, you can reduce most companies to robust databases with unique content. Google = URLs. Insta = pictures. Indeed = Job postings.