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Instagram copying in 3, 2, 1..... Facebook copying in 4, 3, 2, 1..... Naturally Snap was going to do this and good to see it rolled out! Perfect for festivals, trips with friends, weddings etc Read more on Wired h/t @caseynewton
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@bentossell This is what I find most interesting: "Custom stories appear on the stories page for as long as they are live, and will disappear after no one contributes for 24 hours or the creator deletes the story."
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@bentossell @caseynewton Snap is Facebook's R&D department, right?
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@jasonkeath @bentossell @caseynewton This is the best comment ever. Fact. 😂
@bentossell @caseynewton Evan Spiegel is Facebook's Head of Product
@bentossell @caseynewton I'm truly tired with this meme. You guys are product guys, so please think carefully about their concept as a product guy. Anyone can think about this kind of feature, it's not hard to imagine at all. And about Instagram, when Snapchat custom stories are public, It's very similar to Hashtag and location on Instagram :)). Instagram nearly has this from Day 1.
First step toward democratizing Snapchat's Discover feed? Snap is taking YouTube head-on, ironically the same day Quora announces their expansion into video. Separately, I know someone building a "Snapchat for groups" app (not yet released), very similar to what Snap just released.
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@rrhoover also see past hunts: Fleek, Snapchat meets Yik Yak, and Squad, Snapchat for groups of friends 🐙. Interestingly both have octopi/squid as their mascot.
Snapchat really needs to work on a better way to save & export these memories from the app. Creating and sharing stories of events with friends sounds great - but only if I can keep them more than 24 hours. Snapchat started with temporality in mind, and they have been moving away from it ever since (see new infinity-looping video option). What they don't have is a good way to re-experience these moments later on.
@shep_ben While I get your point, I think that's what makes Snapchat unique. Disappearing content is the main reason why people visit the app so many times daily. Transitioning to permanent content would kill them in the long run. There's no way they could compete with Instagram, unless they do it in a really innovative way.
@shep_ben You should check out Lifeslice then :) We soft launched but this is what we are all about. Would love your feedback on it!
@sebyddd Doesn't it seem like they are indecisive though? - You can save snaps before you send them - There is an option to automatically save and archive all your stories - You can upload old/non temporal content to your story - The "memories" section is a prominent button on the main screen of the app - They recently added stories that loop indefinitely That doesn't seem like a company that is focused on disappearing content.
@shep_ben Check your settings, there are a few ways to save all your snaps now.
@shep_ben We are working on this with Snappd to let the best stories be enjoyed over and over in a platform that is designed for vertical video. It's true though Snapchat keeps moving between stories and discover but still does not seem to want to work more closely with its influencers.
Does this only work with groups of friends that look the same?