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#3 Product of the DayMay 01, 2014
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The UX to move from front-facing to rear-facing camera, as @mscccc brilliant. i absolutely love it. and it's so *perfectly* on-brand with the original snapchat experience. I don't know how much more i'll use snapchat, but this is a beautiful addition.
I've just spent a bit of time trying this out - it's an interesting evolution of the service that makes some sense but feels kind of superfluous; I already have so many different ways I can be contacted. I can see that it will be useful and help people have a conversation around what is shared, rather than just pictures back and forth over and over, which makes sense. It rounds out the app quite well and is insanely easy/fun to use. My biggest problem with the update is I just really don't need another app vying for my attention, but I can see this being a pretty fun way to stay in touch and to not require opening another app just to talk about... Snapchat. This is probably how Snapchat will start getting a wider audience. The video calling itself seems intriguing; it seems to hinge on the fact that you are going to spend a lot of time in the app, since it doesn't offer notifications or anything like that. I can see that it would be a fun way to be crazy spontaneous with live video though, and I can imagine as more people use it that it will become pretty addictive. The UI is INCREDIBLY playful for this and VERY VERY fun to use. This is done insanely well. Snapchat has an interesting barrier to overcome here that lots of people don't like to video call, but perhaps it'll be just fun enough to try and then hook you on it. It's incredible fun. The WORST thing about this update is you get a push notification that your friends are typing - you can't disable them without turning off all push notifications P.S - You can import photos to Snapchat now, but only to send in message threads
The front/back style video chat. Mind. Blown. I think this shows Snapchat as a company is here to stay.
We had an interesting discussion when Snapchat 6.1 released (new filters, replays, special text). Anecdotally, I (and others I know) would start a conversation with a friend, sparked by a snap, and often move from Snapchat to SMS, MessageMe, or some other product more suited for discourse. I haven't tried it yet but this update makes a lot of sense. At its core, Snapchat is a communication product.
If anyone else uses Android are they seeing frequent crashes? After this update Snapchat has crashed twice and rebooted my phone 3 times (Nexus 4, KitKat). I like the concept but haven't gotten to try the live, my demographic in Canada doesn't seem to have a ton of snapchat useage so my list is small.