Automate your best Snapchat Ads strategies and day-to-day management with automated rules. Use any metric in the Snapchat Ads Manager to form conditions (e.g. swipe up rate > 2%), combine with AND/OR logic, and then set the action (e.g. increase budget 10%).
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Hi there! It’s Mike, CEO & Co-founder of Revealbot. Thanks to your support, we successfully kicked off as a Facebook Ads automation tool 3 years ago. These years have been quite eventful for the ad industry. We see that even more of our clients are now trying to diversify their ad budgets across different ad platforms, as they don’t want to depend on just one platform. We at Revealbot support new players and are happy to announce our new tool that would help you automate your Snapchat Ads! To celebrate this launch, we are glad to share the coupon that will give you 30% discount on any plan for 3 months: PH-FRIENDS. This coupon is due until the end of the year, so you have plenty of time to take Snapchat automation for a proper spin 😀 Please share it with folks who use Snapchat Ads or plan to. And we would be really glad to hear any feedback about the tool and to learn what other platforms you would love to see us automate. Thanks!
Glad to see more social media automation tools on the market. Good job guys, RevealBot looks awesome!
Looks like a perfect tool to automate my Snapchat ads! Way to go, guys.
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This looks great!
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perfect tool for snapchat!
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