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#1 Product of the DayMay 05, 2017
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@sandrojazzar Ah! You must've used a different link because it didn't get tagged as a duplicate.
@andrewett haha yea I figured. First on PH is an achievement! 😝
@sandrojazzar also for some reason, this one is more upvoted ..
@sandrojazzar if the GET IT button isn't working for someone, it links to:
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@sandrojazzar Did you hunt this at 12:01am? Lol Nice work! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
"Snap Inc. wants the ad dollars of smaller businesses, not just giant brands." More here from @joshconstine πŸ‘»
The real question is around whether SMB advertisers be able to create quality Snapchat ads. Facebook, Adwords, etc are all pretty templated. Snapchat ads requires a creative eye and design work. I wonder if Snap will provide creative tools for advertisers to work off of. Best practices based around what types of ads perform the best. etc.
@dave_poly agreed. Maybe an opportunity here... On a related note, Twine is a marketplace of creatives. Just saying :)
Anybody tried it? Any ideas on CPC ?
My tab gets auto closed whenever I click on "Get it". Innovative way of releasing to close beta, perhaps?
@bilalbudhani That's you're adblocker (likely uBlock) detecting 'ads' in the Snapchat URL and auto-closing the tab. Open in incognito or whitelist PH and you're good.