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Earlier this month, TechCrunch announced the Snapchat search improvements , now it is finally in the App Store under Snapchat 10.0 It's no news that Snapchat has had a discovery issue, what do people think at first glance of the new set up? Initial reaction is that the bitmoji avatar + name may confuse me if I have lots of contacts on Snapchat. Also still no way to discover people my friends follow or like? Or just trending people/popular people? I would've thought this would be a focus to compete with Instagram One thing I LOVE is how much quicker the app is to open onto the camera!! (may just be my new phone?)
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@bentossell Looks really good. I love that they improved the search capabilities. Also, I really like that they integrated bitmoji even further inside the app. P.s All the animations between the views are ❤️
@bentossell I'm pretty much obsessed with Bitmoji (I credit @jacqvon with getting me hooked a while back) so I'm super pumped that people see that when they see my name in their contacts list on Snap. As for the discovery issue, I completely agree. That's something that Snapchat still has yet to crack. If I want to follow a bunch of celebrity snap stories, don't make me Google their usernames! Just recommend them to me. 💁
@katesegrin @bentossell Until they fix their discovery issue, there's still Snapdex (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) which I made to fill the gap :-)
@bentossell you are not alone. I feel the speed as well.
@bentossell the camera does seem to start up a little bit faster. still my #1 complaint, it used to be instant.
So... Instagram shamelessly copies snapchat by ripping off stories, to which Snapchat responds by ripping the cards view from Facebook? No honor among Thiel's.
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@enigmasama so everyone needs to come up with never-seen-before, original designs? sharing UI elements is great for consumers, imagine facing dramatically different interfaces in every app 😷
Would love to see a way to discover people. Like the new look though.
Interesting update, the design feels much smoother but was anyone else getting any crashes when searching? Liked the tweaks to the ghost when refreshing the chat or stories list. Does not seem to be too much changed for actual discovery though but has made the existing search easier to use and get to. (Was a little worried at first though as I'm about to launch an app to help with discovery but this looks to still really be needed.)
The last pre IPO major change?