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Stefano Bernardi
@stefanobernardi · Investor
They're apparently giving away $2 in BTC for Product Hunt users!
Ed Moyse
@edmoyse · Founder
Great product, great team - love these guys!
Sam Alter
@sam_alter · Founder, Atlas Pet Company
Hey guys, we're trying to get the founders access to comment. I work at Snapcard, let me know if you guys have any questions! And Stefano's correct, we're giving $2 away for new users! :) :)
Ioannis Giannaros
@yannigiannaros · SNAPCARD Co-founder
Hey hunters! One of the founders here. Thanks so much for all of your support :) We've been working very hard on making instant buying a reality using a bank account. From start to finish, you can (actually) purchase $50+ worth of bitcoin in under 1 minute. Let me know if you have any questions/comments or feedback.
Pascal Levy Garboua
@2pasc · Founder, CEO, SixDoors
Love the experience of adding fund to my wallet. So easy compared to others things I had experienced before. + Great team!