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Marc Seitz
Marc SeitzHunter@mfts0 · CTO at @Hackerbay
Snapbuddy is a friendly ghost that sends Snapchat snaps automatically to your Twitter account, Email, or Dropbox (coming soon). All you need to do, authenticate with your Twitter account on the and add snapbuddyapp to your friends on Snapchat. Now everytime you send snapbuddyapp a snap (picture or video), he will forward it for you automatically. I know the makers really well and they just showed this to me. I am blown away how well they built on top of the Snapchat infrastructure. I am looking forward to what's next for Snapbuddy. Give it a try! cc: @rrhoover, isn't that something for you, ol' Snapchatter! 👻
Michal Hernas
Michal HernasMakerHiring@hernas · Founder of &
Hey! I am maker of SnapBuddy :) Thanks for posting about us. My brother and I have been using it for past few days and I have to say that I never shared so many photos before. We are planning to add Facebook, Dropbox & Instagram support soon as well as option to manage My Stories. Just give us some time :P If you don't like something or you have any suggestions, drop us an email to !
Jacob Catalano
Jacob Catalano@jgcatalano · Founder
This is a really cool idea! What have your customers been saying so far? Why would they use SnapBuddy oppose to just saving the snap directly to their device and sharing it where ever they want?
Bartosz Hernas
Bartosz HernasMakerHiring@bartoszhernas · Founder of &
@jgcatalano Believe it or not, we have just released it yesterday evening. It was created 3 days ago and during flight to SF from Europe. From what we have heard from our friends that we showed it to, they loved the idea and ease of use. We personally use it now during our holidays in SF and it is so much easier to share to Twitter and to save our memories. Personally, I never remember to save photo and then to post it, its too much hassle for photos that needs to be done spontaneous and fast.
Bart Dessaint
Bart Dessaint@8artd · Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
@cyrilpaglino, this is going to be very useful :-)
Michal Hernas
Michal HernasMakerHiring@hernas · Founder of &
@8artd thanks men :)
Alejandro Erminy
Alejandro Erminy@alejandroermin_ · AdMobilize, Marketing & Biz Dev
This is awesome! I actually wrote an article about how Snapchat will be coming out with a feature like this. You guys should check it out. Cool stuff. Slack integration would be great too!
Michal Hernas
Michal HernasMakerHiring@hernas · Founder of &
@alejandroermin_ How would you see slack integration here? :)