Vending machines that dispense Spectacles

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This has to be the most unique product launch I've ever seen. Time for a trip to Venice Beach 😎.
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@jackdweck Maybe someone in Santa Monica can help us out? Willing to pay someone to ship it to the east coast.
@jackdweck Grab me a pair 🙏 (I can do like $140 max)
@jackdweck pure genius. Apparently these vending machines "never seem to stay in one location for too long" Where to next? Any predictions? SF tomorrow or perhaps it'll slowly move up the cost
@jackdweck where in Venice are they? 😜
@joshmuccio I'm hoping NY!
Snapchat (now called Snap) continues to do things differently. Apparently they're distributed their new Spectacles via vending machines called Snapbots. You'll be able to find them located on this map.
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@rrhoover I had a really hard time understanding what was going on here until I followed your Spectacles link.
@rrhoover I wonder what their role-out timeline looks like seeing that there's only one snapbot on the map now
@rrhoover Big fan of Snap's creative approach towards everything they do. Keeps people eager to know what they'll do next.
@rrhoover Agree, the roving Snapbot idea is absolutely innovative. Scarcity of product can turn from excitment to annoyance if they aren't careful. The absence of further locations and information is venturing into overhype territory.
This feels very Willy Wonka! The first person has arrived!! From their site and more info: Buying Specs from a Bot is easy! When you find a Bot, press one of the larger circular buttons to virtually try on a pair of Black, Coral, and Teal Specs 😎 When you’ve decided what color you want, insert a debit or credit card to purchase. Snapbots take about 10 seconds to process your transaction. Once you see the Bot’s mouth light up, take your Specs and you’re all set! Don’t forget to grab your receipt 😁 Pro Tip💡: Keep checking to find a Bot near you. ❌ marks the Bot!
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5 People in Line as of now. I spy a SpaceX sweatshirt.
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@ntmichaud are you able to get me one? can pay :)
@raj_ventures looks like you got it figured out. If not let me know!
@ntmichaud Nate I need two, will pay you for it. Line is rather long and hoping you can help me bro.
@raj_ventures I had a friend grab them, let me see if he can get more (no guarantees). I'll keep you posted. Any color preference?
@ntmichaud if you know anyone in line I would highly appreciate it. Color black for both or both blue if available, preference for black.
Love the launch strategy - unique for sure. Curious to see how quickly resellers start hawking these on Amazon/eBay.