An editable/hackable dashboard - unlimited & free

An editable dashboard that lets you track metrics across different apps for free (so you don't need to login to a million different apps)!
Integrates with Twitter, Stripe, Google Analytics, HTTPS, Sentry and 20+ more.
Cards are editable React components.
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Hi everyone 👋 I’m back again for WEEK 2 of my challenge! I say week 2, but this product actually ended up taking me 29 days to complete 😅. It was a mammoth challenge, but an idea I’m really passionate about. I’ve always been frustrated with existing dashboards, aside from their often outrageous pricing, there was always an integration or a view missing that I needed. So I set out to create a 100% editable dashboard - that’s right you can edit everything from the cards (which are just React components) to the data inputs (NodeJS functions) - from within the browser. Here are some highlights: ✅ Fairly priced - dashboards tend to have some pretty extreme pricing. Snapboard offers unlimited boards for free - and charges for the power upgrades. Anyone with read-only access will be free forever. ✅ 100% editable - with our in-browser editor you can edit absolutely everything. If there’s no existing card that serves your needs you can easily create your own! ✅ Open source - all the cards are completely open source. That means you can use the card menu to view it and fork it to use it as a template for your own creation. ✅ Web and Desktop - because you need to be able to access the data just when you need it. If something is missing - let me know in the comments and I will try and create if you today! 🎉 P.s. Mobile apps are coming very soon!
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@calum_moore1 This is cool. BTW, your banner on reads "Snaoboard is trending"
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@calum_moore1 brill stuff, Calum. Maybe a price/update slider option would be good for people to pay - eg 1 minute is $10 per month, 1 hour is $8 per month and so on? Either way, great app.
@jwelch Thanks James! With the pricing, I wasn't planning to offer anything other than $10 (with instant updates) and free which is updated daily. It will be free for read-only users though, so if you pay for 1 x read/write account, all your read-only users will also get instant updates too. Does that makes sense?
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Just added the first launch day feature - `TV mode` is now live! What should I build next?
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@jwelch TV mode basically uses the full width of the page (and hides all the editing/nav features) - often people use it when they have a big monitor in the office and want to make use of all the space on the screen.
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this looks brilliant, especially for google sheets stuff. and when Notion 2.0 finally gets around to zapier/api stuff, these two apps will be so cool to use together.
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@jwelch Thank you 🙏
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Hey Calum. First, congrats. It looks good and code editor is clean. Well done. Just signed up so will try it out in my lunch time :)
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@samar_ux Great, let me know if you have any additional feedback or questions!
@calum_moore1 Sure, indeed, first, I will play around a bit to understand the flow etc.. May a quick 30sec video would be nice. I am also working on creating one for Product intro video always work :)
@samar_ux Yes, you are right - I think that would help a lot. I've added that to my list!
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