A Snapchat printer that receives Snaps and prints stickers

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Yo, I helped make Snap2print and worked on the hardware if you have any questions.
Hey, I helped make Snap2print as well. Just to clarify, this is definitely made for live events and is not consumer hardware. Think Instaprint but for Snapchat.
@_ustin Dude, Justin, what if we put a shredder underneath the printer so the Snaps disappear?
Looks very cool. Great to see some more stuff from Seattle!
@stusim Thanks Stuart, we love Seattle. Teriyaki for life.
@boxcardavid Teriyaki First on the corner of the Ave and 52nd of UDistrict. Spicy Chicken & Katsu combination. Don't try it if you aren't happy to commute there on a regular basis.
Awesome idea, I would love to use one. What about the hardware? For me, it looks a lil big.
Hey @gabrielreynard. We could have shrunk it down to about half the thickness and 3/4 the width/height, but that would have changed the printer type we used and cut print capacity to 10 photos. What size would be perfect for you?
@boxcardavid I think half of the size would be better.
Website down. Product active?