Snap Wear

Snapchat-coded T-Shirt 🤳🏼 👕 👻

Make people curious about you. Make more friends, stand out from the crowd and become instantly available with your unique scannable tee.

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I think the last time I offered someone my scan code on my phone was 3 months ago.
@jl_fausto Really? I always use the Snapchat Camera when I want to add someone as friend on Snapchat..
@baidoct that’s convenient but is it often you are doing that?
@jl_fausto Believe me or not, always.
@baidoct I agree. When adding someone I always use the scan code. The issue is that I am not adding people every day. The last time I did was 3 months ago. Are you seriously adding someone new everyday? If so what are you doing right that I am not?
@jl_fausto Sorry, I have misunderstood your question. No, of course not, I'm not adding every day someone on Snapchat, but when I do it, I'm using this method. As I said (the other post), there are several ways, and it depends from person to person.
Can't think of anyone that would wear this. This is borderline cringey.
@aaroniclee That's your opinion, but you would be surprised given how many people have the Snapcode printed (physically) in one region or another. I believe this concept is addressing multiple audiences: everyday young people, who use Snapchat and just want to promote their Snapchat account, meet more people from diverse locations (in my case that would be festivals), but also business people who would very much like to contact clients/fans using such a platform.
Great job!! Great concept, I’m kind of sceptical with this ... by the code you are accessing and breaching your data to any random person !! Main pain point is privacy , how do you handle this ? 😊
@ayush_chandra I don't see it as being a "privacy" issue. When you think about it, it's a personal decision for each individual. There is nothing secret or illegal about this Snapcode. On the Internet, you can find many sites with databases housing such codes. Same goes for Instagram, you can search for #snapcodes and you will see a code each minute. When someone invites you, you are not obliged to accept the request.
What about the legal stuff? 🤔
@baidoct Is it permitted to print Snap Logo or Snap Code based on Snapchat brand guidelines?
@bntzio No, unless you let Snapchat Team know about it and purpose. (which I did)
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