Snap Store

An in-app shopping experience from Snapchat 🐢πŸ”₯

Snap Store is a mobile-first ecommerce store directly inside Snapchat, with new Snap merchandise dropping every few weeks. πŸ”₯

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Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
This makes a ton of sense. Snap's effects and icons are cultural icons: why not profit off of them? Excited to see how this evolves over time. I wouldn't be surprised if they open the platform up to other partners or vendors down the line.
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@nickabouzeid Was just thinking about this. Instagram can tell you what the items are and how much they cost, but they eventually redirect you to a website. This is a big move for Snap, and social media encouraging consumerism even more. Plus, it opens a new revenue stream for Snap.
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Daniel MillerMarketing Director, Benchmark CRM
You guys have some strange priorities... You guys need to heavily improve your ad network. You guys started as a "different" kind of app and service, continue to be that way! Make your ad network unique. Don't make a copy of what is already out there! You have such potential to grow your ad network and provide an excellent experience for both users and businesses!
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I love my Ghostface Chillah. πŸ‘»
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"Watch out Amazon" <-- Calm down PH
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Jack Dweck
Product Manager at Rakuten
Items available right now: Dancing Hot Dog Plush Doll: $19.99 Streak Hat: $29.99 Winkface Sweatshirt: $49.99 Dog Lens Tee: $29.99 Bring Back Best Friends Sweatshirt: $49.99 Added to my Made by Snapchat collection:
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