Snap Search

Get 100% privacy over your search queries

Searching the web should be an easy task. It should also be secure and private. Nobody likes getting tracked through their searches. There's a fool proof, 100% secure way to escape it now - Use Snap Search.
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Everything to improve privacy is good. Do you keep any user data?
@deborahrayne31 Glad you asked! Absolutely 0 data is stored. No permissions asked, no location, no user sign up required - nothing. Even the Keyboard being used is in Incognito mode (yes thats a thing) :)
Hey guys, I am so excited to share one of my most passionate projects ever! It all started because of a common problem today - privacy. Things I would Google or search elsewhere would lead to tailored advertisements and it had started to become a bit too intrusive. So I started using Incognito mode and VPN and what not to stay private. But even that involved quite a few steps to get done. So, why not solve this problem?! Snap Search gives the user 100% privacy over their search queries,, and also makes it incredibly fast and easy to search online. Some of the key features of the Android app are:
  • Support for multiple websites: Supported websites are really varied and cover so many popular platforms - Google/Google Images/Google Maps, YouTube, StackOverflow, The Pirate Bay, Twitter, Medium, Wikipedia and so many more.
  • Home screen widgets: Search by tapping just once directly from the home screen.
  • 100% Secure: Multiple steps have been taken to maintain 100% privacy and prevent websites from tracking your search interests online, such as: Incognito Keyboard to keep your words secure, No cookie storage, Disabled harmful JavaScript
  • and lots more.
I hope you guys find it as useful as I do and intended it to be. Really looking forward to knowing what you think of it.
I like this! The home screen widgets are a brilliant idea. I'm going to use this for a week and see.
@graham_lott1 Thank you, I hope you enjoy the experience :)
I like what the developer is trying through this. It's simple, saves time and well thought of.
Amazing. Nothing better than having privacy.