Snap Scroll

Instant, precise scrolling via point & click

Snap Scroll is a Chrome extension that lets you use a long click (for one handed use) or Alt+click (faster) anywhere on the page to instantly scroll to that point.

Having paragraphs and posts snap neatly to the top as you hop through them reduces distraction and is surprisingly satisfying.

This extension is wonderful! About a year and a half ago I developed a strong desire for this exact extension, but nothing like it existed. Now it does and I am super happy! My only wish is that I could customize the extension so that a keystroke isn't necessary to scroll to a specific spot.
@magnuson Haha that's exactly how I felt when I decided to make it! I'm very glad to hear I'm not the only one and that it's useful to you too. I agree that it would be even simpler without the keystroke. I am a bit worried though that it could become too intrusive and trigger unwanted scrolling when the user just meant to click on something. What do you think? No harm in experimenting with it as a configurable option though. Let me know if you have any further suggestions as well!
I have my mouse speed on maximum which I figured was a good productivity hack, this is interesting though @millioctopus why did you decide to work on this?
@abadesi Thanks for the interest! Increasing the scroll speed is definitely helpful for scanning a long page quickly! I think the extension solves a slightly different problem though. I got the idea when I was reading long articles. I always like to keep the paragraph I'm reading neatly aligned to the top of the window so I can easily find my position again if I get interrupted. At some point I got really irritated because the step size of the scroll wheel did not allow me to do that quickly and accurately. I would always under- or overshoot a little bit and trigger my OCD. At the same time, unlike on a touch device, where you have very direct control of the scrolling through your finger, using the mouse wheel does not let you anticipate the exact target destination very well. Your eyes have to closely track the movement of the content across the screen and stop at the right moment, which becomes a tiny but annoying distraction between each paragraph. So my thought was, since I already know where I want to scroll to, why not just point there directly? I like to compare this way of scrolling to turning a page in a book: it only takes an instant and your eyes don't have to track anything but can just jump straight to the top of the page because you already know that's where you're going to continue reading. I really like how snapping to the next paragraph now feels a little bit like ticking an item off your to-do list :)
Doesn’t work reliably in Vivaldi it seems, sadly. I think it is a good idea, but I would personally appreciate more options (length of the long click, customisation of distance). Good idea though, if it gets further love might be useful.
@lebaux That's really useful feedback, thanks a lot! I haven't actually tried it in Vivaldi but I will definitely have a look now and try to fix the issues. Configurable long click duration is a great idea too, I will probably be adding that. What exactly do you mean by customization of distance? Currently, the point you click on will be aligned to the top of the screen. So clicking further down will scroll a longer distance. This might not be communicated clearly though, which would be an issue. Or did you mean something else?
@millioctopus thanks for reply and considering my feedback, it is very nice of you! I’m sorry I wasn’t clear the first time — I meant, it might be useful for user to control how much the website actually scrolls down. By default, it scrolls only for a bit. Also, thinking about workflow, pressing LEFT+RIGHT mouse buttons to scroll seems faster than currently provided options (albeit I don’t know if this would be possible to implement, I don’t really know how chromium registers clicks). Your extension gave me an idea for AutoHotkey script that I tuned to my needs, but the extension is more accessible to end user :) Have a nice weekend!