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Snapchat turns to TV-like show programming

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A swing at Instagram's IGTV and Netflix. Side note: I'm curious if Netflix starts to dabble more in more short-form, mobile-friendly, snackable content. Historically they've focused on translating the TV experience to the web (and by mail before that), introducing TV series and movies. Recently they announced their extension into interactive shows, so perhaps they're on the verge of more experimentation.
For people who think Snap is dead, it’s not the case. Launching this new format is another proof of their creativity. Personally, I think implementing short movies crossed with their features could become a new form of cinema. Sure, Instagram and Netflix will explore more this field. Creating new experiences and immersive shows will make the difference. What are your thoughts about this?
Don't need Netflix anymore 😉
I see you Snap, I've been waiting for a new rollout. People tend to forget that Snap inc has positioned themselves as a "camera" company. And so will continue to push the boundaries in that direction. I'm all for it!
I have no hopes that Snap will be able to produce anything other than sub-grocery store checkout line crap content. Open Snapchat right now, watch some of the content and tell me I'm wrong. I'm not.
@hayden_evans they literally just won an Emmy for their last show but yes go on...
@media___mogul Give me a break - the category they won their Emmy in was: "creative achievement in interactive media within an unscripted program". It's practically a participation trophy they gave out to garner any interest at all from Gen Z that pretty much could not care less about TV shows in general. I imagine they'll have awards for YouTubers and vloggers as well to try and remain relevant with that age group.
@media___mogul @hayden_evans Which Emmy of your own are you comparing this to ? Just cause the content seems meh to you doesnt mean its not awesome to someone else