Snap my tee!

Get a t-shirt with your own Snapchat snapcode!

Snap my tee! lets you create and order custom t-shirt with your own Snapchat snapcode. Perfect for concerts, festivals and meetups — just ask your friends to snap your t‐shirt to add you.

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Hey everyone, my name is Luke and I am founder of Little Big Make. We work with some neat clients and friends such as Zappos, Tinder, Skullcandy, Vooza and more but our true passion is in making our own products. Snap my tee! is the first (more of a side-project) to launch from us this year and more stuff coming in the next couple weeks. We thought it'd be nice to have a simple, one-stop shop where you can order your quality snapcode tee - handy especially during events, meetups or for small businesses to promote their Snapchat profiles. We're happy to give fellow product hunters a 30% discount code → PRODUCTHUNT (enter the code on the checkout page). I'm here to answer all of your questions, ask away!
@lukemiler Can we talk Luke? I followed you on Twitter. My email is: Michael @ mjmcclain . Com
@mjmcclain just emailed you, cheers!
Got Snapchat? Get a t-shirt with your snapcode on it, and everyone you meet can add you. Simple interface, and it took me about 3 minutes to order my first shirt. Definitely recommend this to all the Snapchatters out there (like me - same username as here, if you're curious). Enjoy!
@therealsjr thanks a bunch for hunting this Stewart! Definitely let me know how your tee 'works' in the wild, cheers! :)
@stringstory this is your new uniform!
@bentossell only if they sponsor me 👻😝
@stringstory @bentossell haha, let's do this ;)
@lukemiler @stringstory to be fair she is the best in the biz at snapchat
Never a truer word said @bentossell - @stringstory does awesome daily stories @lukemiler
@therealsjr @bentossell @lukemiler 😊😊 *feels* appreciate the love and support 🤖✌️
No friends? No problem, you can just ask complete strangers to add you now…
@filip_wroblewski Hell yeah! Some of my best friendships came from people following me that I didn't know before. That's how the world goes around...
@therealsjr @filip_wroblewski Definitely! Plus, imo it's a nice potential ice-breaker as well.. 'Hey girl, you're snappin'?' ;D
This is incredible. I'm buying one now and if it fits right I may just buy the other 5 colors.
I see gray is sold out. Any idea when you'll get more?
@jak1192 hey, thanks, that sounds dope! :)
@jak1192 we've ordered more grays today, should be on after the weekend