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I was so excited to use this and then I saw "Google Play Store" 😒
@randylicata I'm glad you find it exciting Randy! But don't be sad, i'm working on the iOS version too, maybe will come out a little bit later than the next update on Android, but i'll do it ;)
@himynameisdehun Alright awesome, let me know!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@randylicata Obviously, i'll write every updates in my facebook and twitter page, follow them ;D
Would love to see a gallery of the best sleepy snaps. Maybe call it, Crusty Hunt?
@daveschools_ Would be cool ahah i'll thinking on it. For now i public morning selfie of people that send them to me from twitter or facebook page or via email ( dehun.inc@gmail.com if you are interested ;D ) also because maybe someone could be angry if he see one of his "best" morning selfie on a public page!
haha, great idea - are they shared publicly?
@edmoyse No, for now no i only public the pics that are sended to me through facebook, twitter or via email ( dehun.inc@gmail.com if you are interested ;D ), but i'm currently working in some new cool feature
Hi product hunters, i'm really greatful to be here, this is a great community and i love it. Regarding Snap Me Up, what can i say, there will be some new cool stuff in the next release, like the possibility to choose a phone number for the alarm, at which the snap will be send after you dismiss your alarm, or themes customization, i hope you'll enjoy this! Last but not least i spoke with a lot of people that tell me about a pro-version that remove the adds, well, i'm working really hard on this, like i'm working really hard to release an iOS version, i'll keep you in touch on my twitter page! Thanks for everything