The Snap Map is a feature that lets you see where all your friends on the platform were at any given time – provided they were okay with sharing that info. Now there’s a version of Snap Map available for anyone to view on the web -- Snap Map for Web.

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Reminds me of the Facebook Live Map. Snap's quietly moving into Yelp/Foursquare territory. I wouldn't doubt if Snap's already circling Foursquare for an acquisition.
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@rrhoover They definitely entered the location business : Stories + Map + Context Card = money :)
@rrhoover they tried to hire the Mapzen team.
@rrhoover Meanwhile, Foursquare HQ 3.0 is happening.
@rrhoover They already acquired Vurb in early 2017...
The most interesting part of this is that I think this is the beginning of having Snaps and Stories live outside of the 👻 garden. If you click into a story you can now copy a link or get embed code!
About time Snapchat makes a move! The ability to communicate, create, and build community through Snapchat is far superior than any other platform. I only wish more practitioners were out there preaching about its capabilities so people could really see the power of Snapchat. Especially from the business perspective, Snapchat has had to be where your people already are up until this point but I see this as a huge milestone in stepping forward!
Great to see Snap Maps available on the web now @evanspiegel -- what was the motivation behind making them more accessible even to non-app users? 👻
@evanspiegel @abadesi So you can attract more users :)

maybe a web client/page to watch snaps from friends that would be nice, just like the one that instagram has.


beautiful design + starting to show care about web users.


i don't care about the content in snap map.