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Very Pokémon-like. Prediction: Snap acquires Foursquare next year.
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@rrhoover I could see that happening. Certainly some real revenue for local biz with that.
@rrhoover Acquires or acquired by? Not a bad shout either way
@designrichly typo! Fixed to "acquires".
@rrhoover I see your predication and raise you one: Airbnb acquires Foursquare
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@rrhoover would be the best thing to happen to both of them I think, definitely see the value on both ends
Thing to note here is that only Snap can really pull this off. This is Snap doubling down on it's strength - intimacy. You only want to share your location with your closest. This will not work on IG or FB because your friend graph isn't intimate enough on those platforms.
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Also on a side note the use of Bitmoji is genius as it helps alleviate the creepiness factor of it all and not make into a "serious" thing. Gives it a playfulness factor not to mention a whole variety of things to share vs just your face on a map.
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@danielrakh Instagram use to have a photo map. It was pretty awesome. Had they kept it, they would have naturally added stories to the map as well. This is evident in the fact that they have location specific stories.
@danielrakh Also, facebook has a similar feature for live.
@_gordee those are completely different features. This is live location sharing with friends which will eventually bloom into many more features...not geotagging.
@danielrakh Snap Maps is more than just location sharing with friends. Its mostly public content discovery. Tap anywhere on the map and see snaps that have been contributed to "Our Story" from total strangers. 90% of users will barely have any friends using the feature to make it worth while. Additionally facebook has live location sharing and will ping you any time friends are "nearby".
How long till Instagram copies?
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@gabriel__lewis Doesn't Instagram have a map feature currently for your photos? Shouldn't be too hard to add over instagram stories to it! They already have location stories when you search.
@gabriel__lewis maps on instagram! maps on facebook! maps on messenger! maps on whatsapp!
@yo @gabriel__lewis They used to have a personal map that would show you a location on a map of where you took all your photos. It was for your eyes only. And they removed the feature! haha....Looks like it's making a comeback!
@gabriel__lewis Queue the Instagram update notice...
Friend- "Hey did you see SC added a map? It looks kind of like that app you work for." Me- " "
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@revhuff same feeling of my friends at Quiver 😅
@revhuff FYI i just signed up for uZoom via the website. downloaded the app and tried to sign in only to get this error "Please enter a valid email address." I am using a email address. i have received the confirmation email so my email was accepted on setup.
@the_real_jw sadly at this time our current version does not recognize the "+" as a valid character. I have a solution that could work though, feel free to email me at so we can get this sorted out.
It looks a lot like Zenly ->
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Came here to see that
@lucdid I love the TechCrunch quote on their website "Is this app the next Snapchat?!" -- haha NOPE