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Grow your app with Snapchat’s best features

Snap Kit lets developers like you integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across your platform — and lets your community share their favorite moments from your app with their friends, and Snapchatters across the world!

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Many have been waiting for Snap to expand into a developer platform. This is what catapulted Facebook and Twitter's early success, although policy changes have made developers/makers more untrusting (yet still dependent in many cases) of those incumbent platforms. I'm excited to see what people create using Snap Kit. I expect to see a ton of new Snap Kit-powered apps on Product Hunt shortly. 👻
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@rrhoover let's talk about adding Snapchat Login on Product Hunt? :)
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@rrhoover it's cool (and interesting) that they put so much emphasis on privacy in the launch video and the design of the service. It could be a powerful way to position Snap right now.
@rrhoover @patrickmandia Snapchat still only lets you stay logged in on one device at time tho, no?
@rrhoover Hey.. are there any live examples out there of any apps using the Story kit yet?
When a company like Snap, which has been building one of the most popular apps, opens its expertise to everyone, it makes me very happy. Hope this helps young (or not) Makers develop their apps. Very exciting.
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Stoked about the login with Snap feature. Many of our younger users don't even have a Facebook profile. I know that when I encounter an app that doesn't have a social login I don't even bother going through the whole sign up with email process.
@randibarry Can totally see this. Very good point.
@randibarry what are their/your thoughts on login via phone number?
@jbschaff That's clever. I know WAG dog walking got me with that and text me all the time - very sticky :)
Great first step, although disappointed that the Snapchat Camera itself is not included in SnapKit. @evanspiegel As a "Camera Company", it's weird that only "Snapchat" can use your camera. Anyone can use Apple's iPhone camera, developers and consumers. Same goes for Nikon's camera, But Snap's Camera is still exclusive to "Snapchat" which defeats the whole "Camera Company" positioning but SnapKit is a great first step. BitmojiKit is a dream come true
@evanspiegel @otymartin I disagree. From a product standpoint this cements Snap cameras as *the* camera, rather than making the camera ubiquitous. This theme will be much more important in the future than it is today, and the roadmap reflects it. Most importantly for Snap, today, it keeps people opening the app and stories view counts from 3rd party web + app will start to close the IG gap. From a technical standpoint it would probably take a 15GB SDK to implement for developers and massive amounts of data transfers that's just aren't worth it. In the future, I can see Story Kit allowing 3rd party apps to pass a photo/video to Snap cameras to edit + filter.
We were lucky enough to get early access and be able to launch our integration on day 1. Give it a spin: