Snap Games

Play mobile games inside of Snapchat 👾

You can launch Snap Games right from the Chat bar, allowing you and your friends to instantly play together — no install required. You can see which friends you’re playing with, send them a chat, or even talk live with voice chat.
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I just returned from the Snap Partner Summit where they announced games. It's not surprising. Every communication app that hits significant scale seems to eventually adopt games, including Facebook, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and more recently Houseparty with their first title, Heads Up. I'm curious what Apple thinks of this. Historically they've not been so keen on companies building app or game ecosystems within their own apps. Fortunate for Snap, Apple may avoid interfering with the risk of regulation in today's environment.
@rrhoover Suddenly I am going to become a lot less productive.....
Does it feel like MySpace to anyone else or was I the only one that played those games? Lol
are there integrations with specific game engines for this?