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Thanks, Jack, for posting us! So awesome. Happy to answer any Qs folks have...
@micah @copyhackers that would be an awesome collabo. Blurb is pure magical goodness! I've printed two family books with yall.
Are these editors or writers? How are they sourced? U.S. or international? How are they vetted?
@micah We've got a team of copywriters, some full-time and some part-time. We've sourced them from our large network of copywriters at Copy Hackers; they've all been through the Copy Hackers conversion copywriting course, at minimum. Most of our writers are in the US (California, New Mexico) and Canada right now, but we've also got a great conversion-focused copywriter in the UK.
@copyhackers we should talk - do you think they could be awesome ghost writers? Could be fun things to do with Blurb. cc: @jeffrey
@jeffrey @micah I love Blurb. Yeah, let's talk! I'm here:
Thanks, Chikodi!