Snap Art

Snap's augmented reality platform


Snapchat is launching an augmented reality platform that allows people to pin art in specific locations so other users can see it. Arts can apply to have their art featured on the platform.

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Nikolay Derkach
Keerthi chandra
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  • Kevin Lou
    Kevin LouExperience @ Italic

    It's a new and creative approach to social AR


    At least initially, it's only available to people that live in dense metro areas

    This is just part of Snaps' grand plan for AR/VR - I'm excited to see where this goes!

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  • Lisa Marie Obrotka
    Lisa Marie ObrotkaMom/internet Maven for sites & products



    are they preapproved so the art is not terrible

    Hopefully is fun, tasteful, and beautiful not dumb and a misuse of something new and authetic

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  • Даша Рощина
    Даша РощинаProduct Hunter

    very similar to RV platform from Facebook, but still has some peculiarities


    needed some time to understand how it works

    What i like about such products is that we don't need any special glasses, your smartphone is all you need.

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