Snapchat is launching an augmented reality platform that allows people to pin art in specific locations so other users can see it. Arts can apply to have their art featured on the platform.

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Instead of awkwardly holding up your phone, imagine experiencing this through AR glasses...
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@jackdweck That's the future I want πŸ€—
@jackdweck imagine AR contact lenses πŸ™€
@jackdweck @kevinbryantlou it's not an if but a when ;)
Soon 😎
Natural extension of Snapchat lenses and makes the acquisition of Zenly more strategically obvious. This has similar aspects to SuperPaint and an upcoming app, Neon, by @david_urbina. Can't wait for Spectacles v2. 😎
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This could be what finally takes AR art mainstream-popular! I hope they don't announce all the locations in advance. Time for an eastAR egg hunt!
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@staringispolite hm… ok so it appears they have some work to do πŸ˜„
"Snapchat plans to launch a new augmented reality art platform featuring pop artist Jeff Koons and others. It will allow art to be pinned to specific locations in augmented reality so users can see it when they hold up their phones in the right spot." More on TechCrunch: This looks cool.
@nivo0o0 need invest for made augmented reality yourself
Neat concept! The fascinating part isn't the "look at object overlaid over physical world" but rather the concept of anchoring digital information to some physical place. We'll need these kinds of platforms to define the medium, but I'd love to see some adaptation of web technology to tie digital content (URLs?) to physical locations (GPS? Beacons?) and have that exist in some openly crawlable form. You can then view that content in Snapchat, but your Siri voice-enabled assistant also knows when you're walking by that there's something anchored there and tell you more about it. As a creator, I wouldn't have to worry about integrating 5-15 emerging AR platforms, and rather allow competition further up the stack. Before that, we all have to compete at the platform stack first to really nail the medium.