Snagit 2018

Easily edit your screenshots to keep content up to date.

Snagit is all about making it easy for people who understand a technology or interface to visually explain and document it for people who don’t.

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I put my review up, but I welcome any questions. I use this as an educator, trainer, UI, and digital/social marketer.
Hey all, super excited to be launching the new TechSmith Snagit 2018 🚀. Snagit is all about making it easy for people who understand a technology or interface to visually explain and document it for people who don’t. It’s been heavily adopted by tech writers, trainers, support agents...and plenty of others who work in and around software. For this new version we focused on a very specific pain point voiced by these folks: it’s really hard to keep visuals up to date, given the rapid pace at which technology changes. Snagit now has tools to edit and rearrange the contents of a screenshot or graphic, making it possible to do quick updates without having to stage the screenshot all over again or bug your designer for the files. Some of the new features in Snagit 2018: - Grab Text 📖 : copy text from a screenshot using OCR. Paste it into a spreadsheet or doc. - Smart Move 🚚 : text and objects are automatically identified in a capture and can be easily moved around; auto-fill replaces any “blank space.” - Text Replace ✏️ : after Smart Move finds text in a screenshot, click on it and edit the text and formatting - Snapping 🐢 : as you move text and objects around, they snap into alignment with the canvas and with other objects (Snapping is available now on Mac; coming soon on Windows) There’s a bunch of new tech under the hood that makes all this possible, such as computer vision, OCR, font matching, auto-fill. Our product manager, @chrismlarson, can nerd out with those who are interested in the details. Of course, you can also do many other things with Snagit 2018, like: - Mark up screen captures with smart-looking shapes and text - Blur or pixelate sensitive information - Grab tall or wide scrolling screens - Narrate a slide presentation or doc, as video (webcam optional) - Demonstrate a feature or a few steps via an animated GIF - Find and organize previous captures (auto-saved and tagged with metadata) - Share captures quickly via a link (numerous cloud drives supported), copy/paste, drag/drop, or integration with desktop and web apps Since people often ask about’s some info on that. Snagit is a one-time fee of $49.95 for a perpetual license. No subscription required. One license can be used on two of your machines: Mac, Windows, one of each. Team discounts start at 5 licenses. Upgrades from any previous version are 50% off a new license. Add annual maintenance for about a buck a month to get new major versions as they’re released. We love to hear feedback and feature ideas so please give us a shout @snagit or you can contact me directly @fosteronomo or We can’t wait to hear your stories and see what you create with Snagit 2018!

Have used Snagit for two years now. Best product for a product person!


Text grab and edit. Smart move.


Upgrading from a previous version should be simpler.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Abhijeet, and for using the new version of Snagit! Which parts of the upgrade process felt most bumpy to you? We are always looking for how to smooth that out.

I have been using Snagit for years now. The product keeps improving and becomes more useful all the time. Without it, I would need 4+ apps to do what I need to do.

And the more you use it the better it becomes. Looking for saved captures from specific apps or websites are easy to locate because of tags and searching.

I could go on and on, but this is one of the first programs I install on new computers. And this upgrade is adding usefulness to an already essential app.


Lots of useful features in simple UI


Needs 2 video stream option - webcam + screen.

Thanks, David - it's really great to hear Snagit has achieved "essential" status for you! We were just discussing this morning which aspects of the library and tagging people find most it's good to hear how you're using that, too. When you mention wanting 2 video stream you mean having both streams visible on the screen at the same time or having both available as separate tracks to edit later in another app?

I was so excited when I saw the feature that allows easy updates to text or objects in screen captures. I create training materials and information changes regularly. It is nice to have the ability to edit a previous screen capture quickly rather than set-up the scenario again and collect many additional images. I also create software training materials where I don't have a test account - only actual data. This allows me to easily take a screen capture of real information, but edit any names or other sensitive information rather than have blurs all over the screen. It results in a much cleaner look.


Text recognition and editing - especially when you need to take a screen capture with sensitive data and change to generic data for security


If there are a lot of layers in the screen capture it can be tricky to select the layer you want to edit.

Great feedback -- thanks, Chandra! Redacting screenshots is a great use case for the new Smart Move and Auto-fill functionality. Like you said - it's even cleaner than blur. As you get more objects on the canvas, it can be tough to select layers. That's something we have on our radar to improve. Any suggestions for how you'd like to see this work? We want the tool to remain approachable to non-designers so are wary of adding too much complexity here.