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Why should one choose this tool when I can set up Dropbox so that all my screenshots will go straight there, generating a URL, so that I'm left needing to just cmd+V to paste the link, should I want to.
@laura_noodapera Laura you just blew my mind. I have Dropbox and have not been using this feature haha
@laura_noodapera is that a core Dropbox feature, Laura?
@laura_noodapera Dropbox doesn't provide the 1-click-edit before upload. I have rarely sent a screenshot without cropping or hiding sensitive data. With this tool, I upload with a key press, edit in the browser and share! I hate receiving ( and sending) screenshots with tons of chrome tabs staring in my face :)
@cameradam_ i don't know, for me it is :D
@ajonit with cmd+shift+4 i can choose the part i need, no cropping required.
This is a quick tool to share screenshots with a simple Alt-Print Screen -> Ctrl-V on Windows. You can additionally crop, use a pencil or a text tool on the image. All free.
@ajonit It's indeed pretty useful tool for Windows users. Thanks.
Nice tool! Is there a chome app?
I wish this would be customizable in the future so I can send it to my own productivity system.
I've been using a Beem keyboard shorcut for this, but I think the "clean-big-instructions-in-a-box" simplicity of the lander could make this an easy way to troubleshoot non-techy family members/friends.