Have spontaneous, time-restricted video conversations.

Snack is a Slack bot that matches people to have unplanned, time-restricted video conversations with ice-breakers. We help you build relationships and share knowledge with your team.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
As a remote work native, and I'm constantly seeking out products that recreate the serendipity of an office or a coworking space's culture remotely. I've tried Snack several times now, and I love it because it helps to do just that.
@caffeinatedwes You are the best. Thanks for testing all the versions of Snack!
Hi hunters & makers! 👋 So, I am _really_ proud of this one and I am _so_ happy that I finally had a chance to develop it. 🤩Snack ( solves a problem that I've dealt with _a lot_ when working remotely: feeling lonely and how to keep a sparsely distributed team engaged. Snack is just the right mix of fun, spontaneous and useful interactions that I wish every remote community had. I've been trialing it in the ODF community ( and it has been 🔥🔥🔥. I am happy to finally make it available to everyone. If you just want to try it without installing, join our community, or read about the user journey If you have an open Slack community (with no pay wall) Snack is completely free (just ping with ProductHunt in the subject-line and I whitelist your org).
Congratulations Snack on the launch!!!! ;) wohooo! Finally is here
We've used Snack at The On Deck Fellowship and it's been entertaining. @kuizinas ships faster than almost anyone I've ever met and he's always building fun things.
Timely launch, @kuizinas!