Dogs delivered to your pocket right when you need them.

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Hi! I'm John Henry. I'm the design cofounder of @pack (for people who love dogs). A few weeks ago, our distributed team met up in Boulder. This is what we made.
I like the copy at the bottom: "Because dogs." :) Being that you're focused on Pack ( afaik, what's your goal with Snack, @johnhenrymuller? cc my buddy @carlobff founded DogBFF and is probably the biggest dog lover I know (surprise!). P.S. check out Pug-o-Matic (,, a Snapchat account that sends cute pug pics every day. :D
@rrhoover The copy is all @megancasey. We knew the full Pack app was a couple months out, but wanted to get something in people's pockets sooner. So we bit off something small that we could design/develop in just a few days. It gave us an opportunity to experiment with the time mechanism. I met @carlobff last night! :)
Dangit! I want *real* dogs delivered when I need them. I only want a real dog for hikes, beach runs, snow trips, etc. Can you (or someone else) make that??? And not just in SF??? To be clear I don't need real dogs in my pocket either.
@johnhenrymuller! This awesome. Le Mars, IA on the map.