SMS Junk Filter for iOS

Block unwanted SMS spam text messages

SMS Junk Filter is a brand new extension to the Messages app that automatically filters unwanted SMS text messages. Using Artificial Intelligence and the new CoreML models, we can block SMS Spam messages without having to create custom keyword rules.

Also powered by a cloud infrastructure we can Block Phishing Attacks and malicious links.

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memis@ilavbks · Co-founder of Zero Point Developers
The problem with those extensions is that you have to grant access to personal sms which include bank passwords etc. Do you take the risk?
Sooraj 🌏
Sooraj 🌏@iamsooraj · Building AsyncMatic for remote teams
This will be incredibly useful!
How does this work?
Steven Jacobs
Steven Jacobs@stevenjacobs_ · Founder @edmsauce
Only works on the newest iOS?
Carl Shaver
Carl Shaver@carl_shaver · Loving PH
$8/year subscription