SMS Bot Creator

Automate SMS replies using a bot

Create and train a bot that works with your phone number and automatically replies to customer queries received via SMS. You can connect webhooks to fetch dynamic user data to further automate a lot of queries like account related information like order status, account balance, subscription date, transaction data etc.

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Hello Product Hunters πŸ‘‹ Excited to share SMS Bot Creator with this awesome community here on PH. We launched SMS Bot Creator few hours back and already 100+ businesses have created bots and we have already answered over 1800+ queries 🀟🏽 Alright - so what is SMS Bot Creator and why we created this? SMS Bot Creator allows you to create & train a bot that works directly with your phone number. There is no installation or coding required - it just gets attached with your phone number like Mac Mini getting attached to a TV Screen to provide the brain power. You can add possible keywords & answers to those keywords. Also, for answering any specific query, you can setup a webhook to fetch data from your database and send that data as reply after feeding it to a set reply template. For example: If customer sends BALANCE, you can hit your API with Customer's Phone Number and return back the value. You can set template as "Your account balance is [[BALANCE_AMOUNT]]" so the user get's the answer this format. Why we created this? We really like what Intercom, Drift and other folks are doing. But, there is one thing we don't like about these bots - dependency on their chat box. Also, you have to install the code on your site and app. So, we decided to create a BOT ENGINE which can be plugged into any of the existing communication apps like SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp and so on. Our idea was to build a no-UI, no-installation, no-code Bot Maker. So, we built this tool. Currently, you can plug this Bot into a phone number (we provide phone numbers in 70+ countries and you can port your phone numbers as well) and let users text you from their mobile phone. We have number of new features in the pipeline for the SMS Bot Creator like allowing users to create & send surveys, support MMS and more. Hope you like it.
@sharmag88 Looks really interesting.. Can we set up a quick demo... Please share your details.. someone from my team will get in touch thereafter
@nilesh_tripathi1 Thanks for the kind words. Just sent you a message. (cc: @sliceofsanta )
We were looking for an automated sms response solution for non-standard customer queries. This seems to be answer to that. We will check this out! Awesome!
@vidhit_k Great. Feel free to ping me @ gaurav[at] and I will arrange a demo. πŸ‘πŸΌ Thanks for you comment πŸ˜„
this is amazing!
Congrats on the launch! We get inquires for sms bots pretty often and finally there is someone with the solution. Also niche use cases in politics and fund raise could be huge just like Hustle does.
@jindalish Thanks Ish. Yup, we are working with number of politicians in US and AU. Love how Hustle is killing it @ niche use cases. πŸ‘Œ
This is a really well developed product. Could be really helpful for small and medium sized businesses. I have one skepticism though, do people in technologically developed countries like USA and Europe rely on SMSes for customer interaction? This would be a really good product for emerging markets like India. But even there, internet penetration is rapidly increasing, would a product using SMS platform really survive? You mentioned using WhatsApp and other platform support in the pipeline, which could really be helpful for scaling your product and taking it upmarket. A couple of questions: 1. What happens if the answer to a particular customer's query is not in the database? 2. How is this monetized? If you're already monetizing this, could you discuss your projected MRR for December😁?
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks Siddharth for the kind words. Coming to your queries: 1. Popularity of SMS: We are running JustCall for last 2 years & the high popularity of SMS usage among businesses has been one of the biggest surprises/learnings. We are doing 1mil+ SMS per month. On the basis of data available with us, I can say this with confidence that SMS (for business communication) is more popular in developed nations than emerging markets. 2. No answer found in DB: For now, business can set a default answer for such case. Also, as business get a SMS Inbox where an agent can jump in to answer. Bot Analytics is also in the works that will prompt you queries for which no answers are available in db so that business can train the bot. 3. SMS Bot is a feature of JustCall product and comes with our premium plan. JustCall is doing $ 7-digits in revenue so we are doing fine on monetization part πŸ‘πŸΌ