Smooz Browser

Gesture based browser allows one-handed browsing

Not a big fan of Safari or Chrome? Wait no longer... The mobile browser which won "Best of 2016" in the Japan App Store finally goes global🎉

Smooz is the only browser which offers true "desktop class" tab navigation, with customizable gesture controls.

If you are a tab junky, this is THE browser you should definitely give a try👍

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28 Reviews4.8/5
Hey Yuichi, congrats on launching in the US! How did you come up with the idea for Smooz? Excited to finally get to use Smooz on my US phone!!
@meidlin The biggest reason is that I wanted it. I do search a lot on the phone, but I always feel my browsing efficiency on mobile is significantly lower than that on desktop. In this "mobile only" age when user only uses a phone, we deserve to have a better mobile browser!
Excited to finally get to use Smooz on my iPhone!
@daiki_hirozawa I hope you like it and put it on the dock of your iPhone😃
Hello product hunters, My name is Yuichi Kato, Founder & CEO of Smooz. Let me introduce Smooz to you. The reason we created Smooz is very simple. The lack of reinvention of mobile browsers is a pity. The mobile version of Safari was introduced with the original iPhone in 2007. People spend so much time browsing, but shockingly, browsers haven’t undergone any innovation for over 10 years. Mobile browsers today have become akin to search result vending machines where you type in keywords and just see the top results. However, we believe the browsing experience needs to be far more immersive, captivating and experiential. By making every bit of navigation smooth and seamless, Smooz makes the overall experience of searching for information much more entertaining. Smooz’s numerous features include, but are not limited to: • Hold link to open the website in a new tab • Customizable gestures activate numerous functions such as opening bookmarks, switching, swiping, closing a tab, and many more • Private mode to browse without recording browsing/search history and cookies • Quick access to visit a user’s favorite websites • Pin tabs for quick and easy access • Sync bookmarks across multiple devices by integrating the one-touch login of Facebook or Twitter without any privacy issues • Auto Tab Management that automatically closes inactive tabs within the user’s preferred timeframe (iOS only) • AI-powered predictive search that suggests keywords before users type them (iOS only) • Word-scanner that scans keywords in the text to search for them instantly (iOS only)

I have never thought "I want a browser app" before finding Smooz. But it is actually weird to think that it is almost only Safari that is developed by Apple and still on people's iPhone doc. Smooz is definitely an eye-opener.


this search engine actually changes the way you search. definitely more entertaining.


I would say there isn't really cons because they improve and update twice in a month.

It would be great if I could set this Smooz browser default instead of safari on my iPhone!


It's so useful that I need to compare something to decide from daily purchase to curating information of my business.


Sometimes I close the tabs when I wrongly swipe them. But developing team fix bugs rapidly, then I could believe this product.