Mockup a live website to a mobile device

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Thank for featuring us on Product Hunt! I just wanted to solve a problem. Creating mockups of mobile websites is a pain. You have to go from computer screen to phone and back to the screen. There’s a lot of saving files and Photoshop work involved. So I created Smock to make it easier for designers to get a high res mockup. And with Smock it’s live. So it’s great when you are working with developers. Smock offers designers a simple way to add their mobile website work to their portfolios. Smock features include: • Live screenshot showcases the mobile website design in motion • Choose any iOS mobile device as a frame for the mockup • Choose from black, white, or gold case color • Add or remove the UI Status Bar, Address Bar, or Toolbar in the mockup • High-resolution mockups for portfolio or client use I hope everyone else will enjoy this!
I know $3.99 isn't exactly much, but to ask someone to pay that while the app only has a few basic functions (for now) may turn them away. There are loads of tools to prototype out there so what is the big gleaming attraction of using Smock over others out there? A pretty awesome site in the app-making space is Jason - saw it last week!
@bentossell Smock is the only app that features a Live Emulated WebView that can do a screenshot or create a high-resolution customized mockup of a website. I haven't seen any other app that can do that. So that's why the price tag is a little high but in the future development, 360 degrees turning in the app and other features you won't find anywhere else.
@bentossell I'll agree that current price is a tad high (personally I would have done $2.99 for this release), but keep in mind that updates are free. We’ve got features in the works that would make it worth a good bit more, but if you’ve already purchased it it won’t cost you a dime extra to get the new features. And while anyone who purchases passed this week will have to pay the non-discount price, it will still be quite the deal when those newer features come along. Not to mention, this is the only tool for OS X that does this with an incredibly simple UI.
Smock Mockup a live mebsite [It should be "Website instead of mebsite"] to mobile device.
@dhruvp2014 yeh I fixed it, error in hunting
Is there any Android support planned ?
@valdecarpentrie Right now we are focusing on Apple Products. But once we have everything perfected, we will move to all other devices.