Automatically summarize any article or text

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Looks pretty cool. Now I need it built into gmail and automatically run when I open a long email.
@chrisgscott That would be amazing
@chrisgscott Haha well said! :D
@chrisgscott yes a browser extension would work well.
I need this for some of the text messages i receive from family members.
Works pretty well. Would be nice if you could paste URL (or text) into the field like Google Translate (prefer that to prepending article URL).
@alangarrec you mean in the same box?
I expected the summary text to come out pretty garbled, but it worked very well!
I'm impressed! While I can't seem to share the "40" sentence version (keeps reverting to "7"). It did a pretty good job of summarizing the plot summary or Pride and Prejudice from wikipedia.
@walterareid this is fixed now.