Smirnoff As A Service is a simple, fun, and amazingly effective way to rekindle sales opportunities that have gone cold.

When a key opp is icing you - ice them back. We even include a personalized note.

Connecting & building a personal relationship are as critical to outbound selling as a great culture is for your sales org.

Happy selling!

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I love this sales team - last investor update Ambition mentioned they won a major opp that had gone ice cold. The team had literally sent the prospect a Smirnoff and a personal note, rekindling the deal. When the team told me they built it as a product, I thought it was hilarious, so I’m sharing it with all the real SaaS sales hustlers out there!
@alexisohanian thanks for the love and the hunt! In all seriousness, we're thrilled to power the real SaaS. A tool to rekindle sales opportunities that have gone ice cold. It's simple: the SaaS method works. Our team Ambition has used this method 6 times to date generating over $1.5M in pipeline - and as Alexis noted - infamously when one of our biggest enterprise deals ever went completely dark. We sent over a smirnoff and a very nice note to our corporate buyer recognizing we'd been iced, and returning the favor. That opportunity turned into a near seven figure deal. Yeah, we got a call back pretty quickly. For a limited time, we're powering the whole process for you sales hackers out there. Happy selling, BT + TG
This brings me back to 2010 cc @TimithMcDoyle @kellymcgrath
I didn't know I needed this until now. Here's to ruining a friends day!
not to be a downer but isn't it illegal to ship alcohol via USPS? That being said I love this idea.
@johnalxndr Hey John 👋 Great question - while we intended to make this a fun process for of age Sales people, we also recognize that this is the internet and people may try to game the system. We took extra precaution to make sure we were following all proper & legal channels for shipping these. On the site, we use age verification & collect the LinkedIn URL for the recipient to individually verify they are of age. USPS won’t ship alcohol, but other carriers do. For delivery, we have included the Adult Signature Required option, which requires an adult over the age of 21 to be present and sign for the package upon delivery in person! Hope you order a few and crush your sales quota! 💪 📈
@johnalxndr @tonigemayel To my knowledge, there are even still some states that you just can't ship alcohol to, especially if the shipping state is different than the receiving state.
Interesting Stuff! Do you even write the copy of the note that goes along with Smirnoff? I'd love to give this a spin in case you guys can write that cute/crisp/funny copy for the note or consider providing certain templates Ignoring the legal complexities, for all I can think of this could be an alternative to Amazon gift cards that potential leads are seduced with.