Use Emojis for your contacts

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Emoji run the world πŸ™Œ Too many of my friends would be 😏 though
This is really great - one suggestion I would have is to add the option to auto-populate all contacts with random (or semi-random) emoji, rather than having to manually add each one. Nice stuff!
@brendonto thanks for the suggestion, we're glad you like it πŸ‘
Smirk is fun. When Matt first told me about this, my initial reaction was a smirk. Neat idea followed by great execution. These guys are always on point with their apps 😏
Wow! That's cool! Going to replace some boring faces with smirks.
Thanks for the hunt, @notrab! We're happy to release this app on Product Hunt today. Smirk was a fun side project that Anthony and I started working on a few weeks ago. It's a simple way to replace those boring and blank contact photos with emojis. I hope everyone enjoys it! 😸
@mrtnmatt it shows unlock unlimited for $0.99 but actually charges $1.99. Any thoughts? Also, after purchasing it keep showing the same window for > 5 contacts. Really looking forward to this fix
@amin_nazim uh oh! We're not sure how that slipped passed us. I've gone in and fixed that. I'm hoping it updates instantly in-app. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™