Smile Season

Smile and brighten your day!

Smile Season is an iPhone X Augmented Reality app that detects your smiling or frowning with the selfie camera. As you smile, you fill up a daily progress bar to build streaks.
Research suggests smiling (real or fake) can lift your mood and make you happier.
Love the product!
this is great. congrats on the launch!
Hi Product Hunt, As a solo, indie developer, I launched an iOS app that uses the front facing camera to detect your smiling, frowning, or neutral facial expressions with Apple's ARKit and TrueDepth camera. The app is straightforward. As you smile, you fill up a daily progress bar. The motivation behind making this app was personal. As life can be challenging, overwhelming, and stressful, I wanted to create an app that encourages users to smile every day. Research suggests that even a fake smile can make you feel a little better. Besides the daily smile streak motivation, the app has a cool smiley face visualization that matches your current facial expression (smile or frown) in real time. Note: iPhone X series device required (or iPad with TrueDepth camera). Please check it out and let me know what you think. Smile! :) -Rex
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