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#4 Product of the DayJune 22, 2014
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James Mundy
James MundyHunter@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
Although clearly not a mother myself, this idea resonated with me a lot. I know my mum used to exchange my clothes with other mothers and organise get togethers with kids of a similar age, many of whom I'm still great friends with. Taking this online seems like a natural progression meaning mothers can connect outside organised play groups or chatting at the park. Only slight problem I have is this solely caters for mothers, I can see something like this being equally useful for fathers too (though the company make family apps so maybe a dad app is in the pipeline - why not make them one and the same?). is also interesting though more global than local and seems to be more suited to advice.
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed@syedaliahmed · Founder, Robomart
Sounds like a great niche idea @_jamesmundy. Would be interesting to hear from the founders on how they plan to raise awareness with their specific target audience. Regarding your problem on whether to have a separate app for dads vs. having it within your existing app, this is an incredibly interesting choice and would love to know what they end up doing. I raised a similar idea on the Path Talk discussion yesterday, on whether the trend towards decoupling an app's features into standalone apps is the right way or building up one and concentrating on just that so as not to lose focus. How focused does an app need to be, and when companies pursue related diversification is it better to integrate new features or launch as standalone products?
Rodolfo Rosini
Rodolfo Rosini@rodolfor · Partner,
I was advising a 'yplan for families' startup and even with their super crappy MVP there was a lot of demand - even a 6 figure M&A offer. Definitively high engagement from core users.
Thomas Bodenski
Thomas Bodenski@tbodenski · CEO & Founder, Yuggler
@rodolfor would you mind having a look at Yuggler, the App, that helps parents discover fresh ideas for kids activities in seconds? would love to hear your feeback. thanks, Thomas
Rodolfo Rosini
Rodolfo Rosini@rodolfor · Partner,
@tbodenski looks good. freezes when I move the map but the content in my area (Greenwich, UK) looks A+
James Mundy
James MundyHunter@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
@syedaliahmed I agree - that question has been asked so often recently since Facebook and Foursquare started doing it. Can't seem to find their founders on Twitter though.
Mick Hagen
Mick Hagen@mickhagen · Founder, Mainframe
Adding founder @doshkim to convo. Great team and great product. My wife has been using it for some time now and loving it (we have two young children).