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Hey Product Hunters! SMASHDOCs is your professional, all-in-one solution for collaborative authoring, reviewing, and publishing. A lot has changed with SMASHDOCs since 2014. The product has been rebuilt from scratch. It is now available in the cloud for individual use free of charge. What has remained the same is the collaborative content creation, without the complications. Unlike other solutions, all changes within a SMASHDOC are tracked in one single version of the document, which can then be reviewed and accepted or declined. The intelligent document offers end-to-end control, knowing what's new to every user, gives guidance and makes it impossible to miss a change. In addition to that, it offers a variety of flexible output formats. Curious to hear your feedback!
@felicityforever Looks good. I do not have a use for it right now, but 'll definitely keep that link handy.
This is pretty cool. Are you guys planning to release a confluence plugin?
@likalo_llc Thank you! SMASHDOCs is easy to integrate into Confluence. A partner of SMASHDOCs developed a first prototype.
I'm curious on how you guys measure that it's 10 times faster than usual? Will it support any kind of importing from other sources?
@hnvcam Sending WORD versions, comments and mails back and forth is a lengthy, inefficient process. There is no need to compare versions or look for changes. Some customers report back that the time saved is even bigger than 10 times :)