Smash Time

Get to know the best smasher action game ever made!

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Hey Product Hunters! :-) This is André from Bica Studios and I'm here to present our new game: SMASH TIME. This is an invite to all of those who want to test their abilities in frenetic challenges on their smartphones and tablets. The goal is simple: The vibrant world of Smash Time was invaded by Blobs that are devouring everything in their way and of course, the only way to prevent them from destroying the entire planet is... smashing! Check our trailer:
Are you ready? Smash Time is an explosive mix of action and puzzle where the blobs must be smashed in rapid fire style and in the correct color order to achieve incredible scores! To help in this adventure the Player can build a team of amazing heroes with Witches, Hunters, Warriors, among others, to face thousands of Blobs that will become stronger, faster and bigger along 30 levels and a competition online mode! This mode will test the skills of the players to their maximum, and they will compete in daily events for the 1st spot of the global leaderboard. Smash Time is inspired by the classic shooters from the Arcade saloons, mixing the colorful worlds of the 16bits consoles like Sonic or Super Mario, but with the gameplay adapted to the mobile devices for quick, exciting and addictive experiences! Looking forward to answering all your questions! Huge thanks from all the Bica Studios team!
@andrebottles Without a doubt the best smasher game ever made! The Whack-a-mole of the XXI Centurey! :D
Nice website, def engages the visitor
Thanks @dnerris ! Our artist (Jesus Sanchez) salutes you! :)
Without a doubt the best smasher game ever made! The Whack-A-Mole of the XXI Century! :D